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Resident Testimonials

It's nice to be spoiled...
Wayne and Heather appreciate the melding of community and club atmospheres at Silver Beach.
One always has doubts about changing lifestyles. However, after a year of living at Silver Beach, all those doubts have dissipated and our lifestyle has far exceeded our expectations.

Silver Beach has all the amenities we were looking for. We’re close to town, have great access to Pinestone Golf Course and love boating on this five-lake-chain. For the first time we were able to spend the winter in Florida knowing that our neighbours and new good friends were looking after our house for us. We enjoy being able to walk down the street to collect our mail instead of driving for it and we have garbage pick-up, so no more hauling to the dump. The privacy and security of this gated development as well as the active social life give Silver Beach a fabulous Club atmosphere. It’s nice to be spoiled.Wayne & Heather McMullen
My decision to move here was one of the best decisions of my life...
Mary Lou knows first hand that Silver Beach offers a lakeside cottage lifestyle with a genuine, caring community.
I had retired and moved from Toronto to live at my cottage but after almost two years and one extreme winter with few neighbours around I realized that where I really needed to be was in a community where I could have the best of all worlds; lakeside living, modern amenities and people close by. When I found the development at Silver Beach in Haliburton, I knew it offered the sense of community that I was looking for and as it turned out, my decision to move here was one of the best decisions of my life.

Late one January evening, I fell while walking my dog and broke my ankle. I would require major surgery and was not allowed to put any weight on it for two weeks, followed by a recovery of three months. As a single person I wondered how I would cope, but while I was in the hospital, my Silver Beach neighbours had been busy. When I got home, I found that the residents had gotten together and made a schedule to provide meals, look after my dog, do shopping and to drive me to Peterborough for Doctor appointments. I have been overwhelmed with the care, encouragement and support that everyone has provided. The entire experience has reinforced for me and my family that you can have the lakeside cottage lifestyle you love while living in a community with neighbours who care about and support one another. – Mary Lou Gerstl
Our home has all the modern conveniences that we had in Oakville—and then some...
Ed & Lori did their research and found that buying an older cottage and performing the needed repairs would have cost more than buying a new home at Silver Beach.
When our friends had told us about Silver Beach, we had just sold our cottage in the Haliburton area, and had already been contemplating on moving from Oakville to Haliburton. As it was a waterfront community, and on the Lake Kashagawigamog chain, it peaked our interest.

After visiting the site and viewing the model home our interest grew. We began researching the cost of real estate in the area. The cost of much older cottages (not homes) on the lake that needed tens of thousands of dollars just to make them liveable, was far exceeding the cost of buying a brand new home at Silver Beach. It became a no brainer.

We have been here for over a year and a half now and haven’t looked back. We have a beautiful home in a beautiful setting. Our home has all the modern conveniences that we had in Oakville... and then some.

We have made some great friends in the community, and there always seems to be something going on. Whether it’s a pot luck dinner at one of the neighbours' houses or a casual glass of wine at the boat docks, it is a real community feel. – Ed Galati & Lori DaRosa
Silver Beach provides a comfort of living my cottage never could...
Having built a cottage on Kashagawigamog in 1973, George didn't want to leave the area when the maintenance became distressing. Silver Beach was the answer to all his concerns.
I first came to the Haliburton Highlands 55 years ago. Then began my love affair with this part of the world.

In 1973 I built a cottage on the south shore of Lake Kashagawigamog which became my favorite retreat away from Toronto. It was a wonderful gathering place for family and friends. It contained 40 years of wonderful memories.

Within the past few years, however, I found the care of the property and the anxiety about it while I was away from it during the week rather distressing.

Not wanting to leave Haliburton but also wanting to be relieved of the increasing demands of cottage maintenance, I was faced with not only selling my beloved "home" but also finding a place in the Haliburton area where I could live happily and comfortably.

The solution to this problem came on the Thanksgiving weekend of 2012 when sightseeing on the Wigamog Road: I discovered Silver Beach and met Gerry Kowalski, its developer.

From the moment I walked into the model home, I felt I had found the answer to all my concerns. Here was a place on the same lake as my cottage. I could still enjoy the pleasures of country living in a beautiful natural setting, close to the town of Haliburton with all its amenities and wonderful cultural events such as the Highlands Summer Festival and Summer Opera School.

I made the decision to buy a townhome a few weeks later and was afraid I might regret it, however Gerry and his team were so supportive in helping me choose the finishing details of my new home which I moved into in June of 2013. I have lived here for the past 7½ months and truly love every aspect of life in this beautiful community—the caring support of Gerry and all the wonderful people who work with him—the association with new neighbours—and of course, my beautiful new home which provides a comfort of living which my cottage never could. – George McElroy
To us, happiness is living at Silver Beach, our “Utopia” in the Haliburton Highlands...
Rita and Jim love the country lifestyle setting at Silver Beach, and praise the convenience of Haliburton's many local amenities.
Who would wish to live beside a beautiful lake in a lovely serene development named Silver Beach. We would, and do!

A country lifestyle setting with all the modern amenities of city living. The many roads out of Toronto, transport you to our Silver Beach paradise. A private gated community of excellence in both construction and shared neighborhood friendships all with pride of ownership and caring helpful hands.

Our home choice, of which their are many, a lovely 2 bedroom townhouse, moderately priced but built to our specific requirements and decorative taste. Happy owners, you bet, especially with our energy efficient hydronic heating and on-demand hot water to name just two of the many standard features in Silver Beach homes.

Shopping: Just 7 km’s to Haliburton, or a boat ride to the town from the docks at Silver Beach. Perhaps some fishing or a swim along the way and definitely lunch while in town.

Golfing anyone? The beautiful Pinestone Golf course is in our backyard and within walking distance on our private pathway.

The Haliburton lifestyle has lots to offer. A year-round Art College, Theatre, summer & winter sports to name a few.

Most importantly, a wonderfully staffed modern Medical Clinic and Hospital.

To us, happiness is living at Silver Beach, our “Utopia” in the Haliburton Highlands. – Rita Baird & Jim Beckford
We love cottage country but we don’t love the cottage maintenance that goes along with it — we want to relax!...
John & Jacqueline had been cottaging in rentals for many years, but decided it was time to own a home with room for family and friends. Silver Beach had it all.
We’d vacationed for many years as renters in Haliburton and loved the area.

Before we found Silver Beach, we compared the alternatives every chance we got — fractional ownership, stand-alone cottages, ambitious building plans on uncleared lots. We determined that fractionals pin you down to a very few limited weeks; established cottages often need a lot of work and expense, including potential problems and costs that are not immediately evident; and starting from scratch can be very expensive, beginning with the cost and effort of finding a suitable lakefront building site. By comparison, Silver Beach had it all: a beautiful site, smart designs, first-rate materials and finishes (which we picked ourselves), a friendly community of neighbours, and no maintenace to worry about. We love cottage country but we don’t love the cottage maintenance that goes along with it — we want to relax!

We have room for family and friends. We enjoy boating on five adjoining lakes from a dock at the shoreline, swimming at a sandy beach, golfing next door, shopping, dining, and walks through the woods. All with glorious views of beautiful Kashagawigamog Lake. Definitely terrific value and we’re thrilled.

We have busy schedules — but plan to be at Silver Beach every chance we get. – John & Jacqueline Greenwood