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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Silver Beach a Condominium?
    Silver Beach is registered as a “Vacant Land Land Condominium” with the Townhomes registered as a “Standard Condominium” situated on and within the Vacant Land Condo.

  2. What does the purchase price give us title to?
    You get the house and are deeded the Unit (lot) within the condominium, along with an equally divided interest in all common elements and areas.

  3. How long to build - from purchase to occupancy?
    It will take approximately 5 months to build your new home from the time of Purchase.
    If you have another property to sell, please talk to us if needed, as we can try to coordinate your closing to suit your needs.

  4. What is included in the monthly maintenance fee?
    Monthly Condo Fees include:
    • Property Management
    • Grass cutting of homeowner lawns and snow blowing of driveways.
    • Maintenance and care of all Common Element areas, which includes grass cutting, gardening etc.
    • Snow removal from common element roadways and road maintenance as needed
    • Maintenance and operation of the Water Treatment Plant (it will be professionally managed by a qualified company)
    • All fresh Water usage supplied and distributed from the water treatment plant
    • Care and maintenance of the Beach area, the pond, fountain areas and walking trails
    • Garbage and Recycling pick-up
    • Condominium Legal and Accounting fees, Reserve Fund Studies etc.
    • Insurance as required for all common elements and Condominium general policy
    • Annual contributions to the various Reserve Funds as established by the Condominium Act

  5. What kind of access do we have to the Lake?
    You will have full access to the Lake at the Beach, which is partially owned by the Condominium Corporation. We have exclusive usage of the Boat Dockage area (of which we are the abutting Land Owner) by way of Land Use Permit agreements with the MNR and the Municipality of Dysart et al.

  6. How much are the Taxes?
    We are very fortunate to have well run County and Municipal Governments who have managed to keep our tax rates comparatively low. The Tax Rate for 2015 is .00598, which translates to $598.00 per $100,000 of assessed value. If we assume that MPAC assesses Silver Beach at MVA rates (which is the worst case scenario), the annual tax bill would be $598 per $100,000 of the sale price of your new home.
    Example: The Oakridge @ $439,000 = 4.39 x 598 = $2625.22

  7. Is this a private community?
    YES! This is a gently Gated Community. Guests will access entry to the property by calling their host from the gate. The host will then be able to open the entry gate from their home.

  8. How does the heating and cooling system work?
    We are pleased to say that we are installing one of the most innovative and efficient Heating and cooling systems available today. It is considered a high velocity system featuring 3” and 4” in-wall ducts, virtually eliminating all bulkheads in the upper levels of the home. The system is called “Hydronic Heating and Cooling with Zone Comfort Controls”. This means that we heat by way of hot water supplied by a two-stage boiler. The first stage provides continuous flow, on-demand, domestic hot water and the second stage provides hot water to the heating system. The hot water is circulated through a coil in an “Air Handler” which distributes heated air through a computer controlled damper system. Each level of the home is supplied by its own plenum (Delivery duct) and is controlled independently from all other zones. This allows the homeowner to automatically adjust temperatures to different settings in each zone throughout the day to match their lifestyle.
    The system also works the same with air conditioning, only it distributes cold air directly to a specific zone as required by the thermostat. This is the efficient way to distribute cool air into upper levels of the home while not impacting the comfort of lower levels.

  9. Is HST included in the price?
    YES! HST is included in the price.